112. Frederick6 Busdiecker (Mary E5, Johann Gerhard4 Bussdieker, Herman Heinrich3 Buschdiecker, Johann Ernst Heinrich2, Anton Caspar1 Bussdiecker) (#1144) was born March 9, 1891. Frederick died August 11, 1965 at 74 years of age. His body was interred August 14, 1965.

He married Anna Ebner June 25, 1910. (Anna Ebner is #1145.) Anna was born September 28, 1890. Anna was the daughter of Barthel Ebner and Sophia Schmidt. Anna died November 12, 1982 at 92 years of age.

Frederick's occupation: Milkman. At 21 years of age Frederick became the father of Roy Frederick Busdiecker July 25, 1912. At 23 years of age Frederick became the father of Dorothy Mildred Busdiecker February 9, 1915. At 32 years of age Frederick became the father of Muriel Fern Busdiecker August 16, 1923. Frederick Busdiecker was apparently raised by his mother in the earliest part of his life, but was placed in an orphanage at an early age (probably 9 or 10). He ran away from the orphanage at age 11 and supported himself from that age on. His first job was operating a machine at a cigar box factory ... and he had to stand on a box to operate the machine. He placed great importance on family, probably because he did not have the good fortune to experience family life as a child. When he got his milk route, his wife Anna would help him keep the books, because he had not completed a grade school education. A favorite story was told of the time that he got a black eye while hitching up the horses to the milk truck, and Anna had a separate accident at home which resulted in her having a black eye at the same time. Neighbors suspected that they had been fighting! A highlight of Fred's milk delivery career was serving the house where preparations for the wedding of then-Vice President Alben W. Barkley were underway. He was very proud of the fact that his son became a lieutenant colonel in the Army, because of his own humble beginnings. He was always a pleasant and patient man, who demonstrated (almost) infinite patience with his (sometimes) pesky grandchildren. When Roy Jr was 15, still a year away from his drivers license, Fred let him drive his old Plymouth. During that drive, they were followed by a police car for several blocks, but the officer apparently had no suspicions regarding the lawbreakers. Fred was the one who dubbed Roy Jr with the nickname "Skipper", from which he became "Skip" to the family and close friends. Sometime after his marriage, Fred and Anna drove to Indianapolis to attempt to find out something about his father. He was hurt and humiliated by the clerk who looked up his birth certificate and was unkind in the way she told him that no father was listed. He described to his son early memories of living in a big house where his mother may have been in service, and the fact that he recalled a big fight which resulted in their leaving that house late at night. He also had vague recollections of an older child who could have been a sister. As a young child he had a picture of his mother, whom he described as being beautiful. 6/20/97 Barbara Bushdiecker (#1106) called to tell Roy that she had found in the 1900 Census Mary Busdiecker and Patrick Fenton, listed as husband and wife, (though there is record of a license of marriage dated 20 Oct 1901 in Clayton, MO) and a Fred B. living together in St Louis, Mo. JMB

Frederick Busdiecker and Anna Ebner had the following children:

child + 198 i. Roy Frederick7 Busdiecker was born July 25, 1912.

child + 199 ii. Dorothy Mildred Busdiecker was born February 9, 1915.

child + 200 iii. Muriel Fern Busdiecker was born August 16, 1923.

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