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Those listed below have played key roles in my own attempts to put together the story that I would have loved to know as a child (and with the hope that some of today's children will enjoy knowing a little more about their own personal history).  Special thanks to them and to all of those who have contributed pieces of the story, but whose names do not appear below.

Wolfgang Dreuse, Osnabrück, Niedersachsen, Germany
Friedrich Hensiek, Melle, Niedersachsen, Germany

Catherine Bushdiecker, St Charles, Missouri
Lila Harmeyer Palmiter, Lake Oswego, OR
Pam Busdicker Dione, Minneapolis, MN
Barbara Bushdiecker, Morrison, Colorado
Mabel Busdieker, New Melle, Missouri
Dorothy Busdiecker Gravelle, St Louis, Missouri
Carlene St John , a Buszdieker descendant
Eunice Busdiecker Kruse, Woodville, Ohio
Elinor Busdiecker, Cleveland, Ohio
Pamela Busdieker, New Melle, Missouri
Louetta Bushdiecker, St Charles, Missouri
Ellen Busdieker, Greensboro, North Carolina

Wolfgang Dreuse, Osnabrück, Niedersachsen, Germany, a Buschdiecker descendant and prolific contributor who has been contributing valuable information of many sorts: detailed historical information about Buer and the surrounding areas, identification of individual family residences both current and from previous centuries, and photographs of present and former times.  He has also provided insight into words from the local dialect that do not exist in the popular dictionaries.  It was he who met Friedrich Hensiek and passed on the information that allowed us to make contact and add another branch to the family tree.

Friedrich Hensiek, Melle, Niedersachsen, Germany, who presented a beautifully documented record of a family branch that had been completely missing from our records.  His line is descended from Johann Adam Heinrich (or Heinrich Adam) Buschdiecker.

Catherine Bushdiecker, St Charles, Missouri, one of the most prolific of all the contributors to this effort. The piles of handwritten sheets that she mailed to me are indicative of the care and effort that she has put into preserving and organizing the history of the family. Her first letter said that she had seen the information in the web page, and that I had gotten some of it wrong ... and she has gone on not only to set things straight but also to fill in many of the voids in my account. I hope that her example inspires many others to do the same!

Lila Harmeyer Palmiter, Lake Oswego, OR, who has a genealogy database of over 100,000 records, many of them included in our own data.  Lila has provided a massive amount of information, much of which is well-documented, and all of which is greatly appreciated.

Pam Busdicker Dione, Minneapolis, MN, who documented the branch descended from Henry Busdicker.  Hentry was born in Germany around 1800, and Pam has provided information connecting six generations of his descendants. 

Barbara Bushdiecker, Morrison, Colorado, a persistent researcher who enjoys chasing down obscure facts ... such as the years of my great-grandmother Mary's birth and immigration (obtained by combing through census records!). It was the puzzle of Mary's life and actions that got me started in the first place. I simply find it impossible to express how important this contribution was to me personally.

Mabel Busdieker, New Melle, Missouri, who travelled to Buer, Melle, and "Auf dem Busdieck" in the summer of 1996 and brought back the records of Johann Ernst Heinrich's family and the photo of the historic Bus'd'ker family farm, over 200 years old. Through her connections with the historical society, Mabel has also been of great help in finding answers to sticky questions.

Dorothy Busdiecker Gravelle, St Louis, Missouri, my aunt with an incredible memory for names and dates, who provided much detail about Mary Busdiecker's line.

Carlene St John, an impressive researcher who provided all the information about Heinrich Ernst Buszdieker and his descendants. Carlene has provided an incredible amount of information about research in general, and hints and clues about the Buer and Melle area.

Eunice Busdiecker Kruse, Woodville, Ohio, who sent me nearly a ream of photocopied notes and newspaper articles about the Ohio branch of the family, and who organized a Busdiecker family reunion in August 1996. Also her brother Eugene and his wife Mary Lou who were charming hosts during our visit to that reunion.

Elinor Busdiecker, Cleveland, Ohio, who was one of the first to provide information that went back further than most.

Pamela Busdieker, New Melle, Missouri, my first source of information about Ernst Heinrich and one of several to identify Buer as an origin of the Bus'd'kers

Louetta Bushdiecker, St Charles, Missouri, source of the Bushdiecker lineage and many interesting stories.

The late Ellen Busdieker, Greensboro, North Carolina, gracious hostess and provider of interesting family history, and now has quite a few descendants of her own.  

My father, the late Roy F. Busdiecker, Sr., who told me how his father been  on his own from the age of 11 years and had only dim memories of his mother.  It was that story that got me interested in trying to find my own roots.  I regret that my father did not live to see the story that has developed from his inspiration.

In addition to all of these contributors, special thanks to my wife, Janice, who has taken over the enormous task of entering data in the database and makes  it possible for the project to be where it is today. She is my treasure!

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